Trump and Putin: a very unusual relationship

(23 July 2018) The fallout is still ongoing from last week's Helsinki summit between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Trump was widely criticized from both sides of political aisle for siding with Putin in his denial of any Russian meddling in the 2016 US election despite the fact that every US law enforcement agency has concluded that Russia did engage in cyberattacks in the US election in an attempt to defeat Hillary Clinton and help elect Trump.

The resulting furor against Trump has again raised questions about why Trump would be so quick to defend Russia and Putin while dismissing his country's own security experts, and indeed most sitting members of his own party.  Many observers are now publicly discussing the possibility that Putin must have damaging information on Trump, the so-called kompromat, or embarrassing or blackmail-type information that makes the Russian asset easier to control.  These range from owing billions to Russian oligarchs to the infamous pee tape.

I doubt very much if astrology has the means to discover exactly what kind of dirt Putin has on Trump.  Let's leave that for Robert Mueller and the judgment of history.  But the nature of their relationship is something that can be examined astrologically through the combined Davison horoscope.  This technique offers insights on the relationship between two people by taking the half-way point in time between their births and casting a new chart.  This chart can then be analyzed for the nature of the relationship.  It may also offer predictive insights on future developments in the relationship. 

The combined Trump-Putin horoscope is therefore cast for 10.41 p.m GMT on 10 August 1949.  In addition to the well-established Trump time (14 June 1946 10.54 a.m.), I am using the more uncertain Putin birth time of 7 October 1952 9.30 a.m.  Looking at this chart we can see the themes of innovative behaviour that interrupts the status quo through the placement of Rahu (North Lunar Node) on the Ascendant in Pisces.  A strong Rahu is neither good nor bad but is more commonly found in the charts that emphasize breaking down barriers and tradition. 

Well, that may well be an apt description for Trump and Putin who are trying to undo NATO and end US global dominance as well as undermining the Western tradition of liberal democracy.  Of course, that may apply more to Putin than Trump but with Trump it's hard to know what his goals really are.  His only loyalty seems to be to himself and enhancing his own power.   If that involves weakening the Western powers and aiding the rise of authoritarian rule, so be it.

The theme of radical and coercive applications of power is seen through the 120-degree Rahu-Sun-Pluto alignment that is exact within one degree.  Sun-Rahu charts assert a new way of doing things and can often project their egos in unusual and sometimes hidden or deceptive ways.  The Sun symbolizes power and government while Rahu represents disruption, deception with an aim towards transformation. The Pluto dimension suggests manipulation and coercion without regards for rules.

The deception theme is also strongly implied by the exact Mars-Neptune 90-degree square that roughly aligns with the 1-7 axis.  Neptune is like Rahu in that sense, as it can distort intentions when it is in a negative angle with other planets as is the case here with Mars.

The other main placement worth noting is the Moon in the 12th house opposite Saturn.  The Moon in the 12th house suggests a hidden or behind-the-scenes quality to the relationship that can result in penalties or punishment in some way if the chart is afflicted.  This more negative reading of the Moon in 12th is due to the harmful influence of Saturn.  To me, this is confirming the secret nature of the relationship and one whose illegal means will eventually be revealed. 

These relationship charts also offer uncanny insights into timing.  The Helsinki summit took place on 16 July and we can see that Jupiter had just stationed at 19 Libra direct in a perfect trine, 120-degree aspect with the Moon and Mars in the natal chart.  This is typically a very positive Jupiter transit that reflects the coming to fruition of the relationship.  In other words, it seems likely that both Trump and Putin got what they wanted. 

Of course, transiting Neptune is also closely conjunct the 12th house Moon here and reflects the shady and perhaps imperceptible nature of the relationship at this time.  Neptune conjunctions can be favourable influences, although this is less likely here where the 12th house Moon is clearly damaged.  Neptune in conjunction with the Moon signifies delusion, deception and scandal.  Neptune moves slowly so the conjunction will persist through the rest of 2018 and into 2019 so the whole Trump-as-Russian asset theme is likely to go for a while.  But I guess we don't need astrology to know that.

And so what does the future hold for the Trump-Putin relationship?  It is quite possible it could escape careful scrutiny for a few more months but the chart comes under greatly increased stress in January.   At that time, Saturn will be in the 10th house and oppose Mars as well as casting its 3rd house/60 degree aspect to the Moon.  Saturn rules the 12th house of secrets and penalties, so its transit to the 10th house of power is more likely to expose some of the more nefarious characteristics of the Trump-Putin relationship. 

At the same time, Ketu (South Lunar Node) will be conjunct Jupiter in the 10th house.  This is usually a difficult transit that undermines the assumptions and philosophy of an individual.  Here I would interpret to mean that their way of working together is going to suffer a significant setback.  Saturn will then go on to station retrograde at the end of April almost exactly square the Ascendant and exactly quincunx the Sun.  Ketu and Pluto will also be there in close attendance.  This looks like the end of the relationship in its current form.  This is a very negative alignment that supports the notion that the hidden secrets of the Trump-Putin agreement will be exposed and most likely punished in some way.  This occurs right before the time that I had noted for a possible resignation or impeachment for Trump.  I thought that Trump is more likely to leave office sometime in the summer of 2019.  Perhaps this somewhat earlier affliction to the relationship chart in the spring offers a clue to a possible sequence of events where either Mueller or Putin pull the rug out on Trump first and then he is forced out in the summer. 

It seems incredible that The Trump Show will finally come to a merciful end but the planets do make a decent case for it.  We shall see how it all plays out.

Weekly Market Forecast

Stocks have been moving sideways over the past few sessions as Q2 earnings season has begun.  The Dow made an interim high last Wednesday at 25,215 but has been slipping ever since.  The BSE Sensex has fared better as it closed at a new all-time high today.  In my previous market forecast on 12 July, I had suggested that stocks could rise a bit further but would be more vulnerable to declines late last week and this week.  This has been only partially correct as the pullbacks in the US indexes have been very modest so far. 

Nonetheless, I did not expect too much downside just yet since the key alignments are not yet in place.  This week looks more vulnerable to declines since Friday's Full Moon and lunar eclipse will carry a lot of potentially bearish baggage from the Sun-Mars opposition.  This is a nasty pattern this is likely to coincide with one or two significant down days this week and possibly into next week.  We could still see higher prices tomorrow (Tuesday) since the Moon will not yet be in conjunction with Saturn.  In that respect, Wednesday looks worse.   While our attention may be mostly focused on this Friday's Full Moon, the Saturn-Mars-Uranus alignment will be in effect well into next week and so we could have a longer period of higher than normal volatility.

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