Financial Astrology Outlook for Wednesday, 22 August 2018


The Financial Astrology Index (FAI) has a theoretical range between 0 (all bearish) to 100 (all bullish).  Most of time, it should move between 20 and 80.  Readings above 60 should be considered bullish, while readings below 40 are bearish.  Readings between 40 and 60 are neutral. 

It may be read in a similar way to technical indicators such as the RSI and Stochastics which show overbought and oversold conditions in the market. A number above 80 is very bullish and suggests a strong up trend.  In some situations (e.g. near resistance, in a bearish market), this may also indicate a heightened risk of a reversal lower.  The trend in the FAI is at least as important as the actual value in terms of understanding possible future price patterns. 

As always, it is not intended as a substitute for established stock market technical indicators.  If anything, it is intended to stand alongside them and should be treated as an additional source of information -- just another tool in the investor's toolkit.  Fair warning: this is still very much a work-in-progress.  I will likely be tweaking the relative weights of the different factors down the road. 

By way of disclaimer, let me state the obvious: do not use this index as a stand-alone method for investing.  There are simply too many unknowns in astrology.  Astrology is best used as a supplementary source of information in tandem with other technical and fundamental approaches.  This is not to be taken as investment advice.  For informational purposes only.

Financial Astrology Outlook for Wednesday, 22 August 2018

US stocks climbed on Tuesday as the S&P 500 made a new all-time high.  However, the celebratory mood quickly evaporated by the close as sellers moved in.  The Cohen plea deal and Manafort guilty verdict likely didn't help matters.  Stocks have moved into the red in the after-hours sessions.  I didn't think the planets were good enough for new highs although I did note that the Venus-Jupiter alignment did carry some positive potential.  Interestingly, we may have seen both positive and negative influences manifest sequentially -- with gains during the day and then the bearish Mars-Sun aspect taking over after 3 p.m.

Wednesday does not offer any substantial differences.  The Sun is still afflicted by Mars although the aspect is a bit past exact and Venus is very tightly aligned with Jupiter.  So the mix of positive and negative is still in evidence.  The Moon is approaching its conjunction with Pluto during the day which should be seen as unhelpful, especially in the afternoon.  However, it will align with Jupiter and Venus in the pre-market phase near sunrise so that could prop up futures before the open.  Overall, the Index remains little changed in middle range near 50.  It has fallen its 70+ level from previous weeks so bulls should still take extra care.

Financial A
strology Index for 22 August 2018

Total            Trend           1 day ago              1 week ago

49-54     Neutral/down         47                            75


Moon 10-15/30

The Moon is waning ahead of its Full Moon on Aug 26th.  But its morning alignment with Jupiter gives it a short term boost to 15 while the afternoon conjunction with Pluto drops its score to 10 at most.

Sun     3/10

Mars is still afflicting the Sun. 

Jupiter   9/10

Jupiter is still sitting pretty with Venus and Neptune.  Its dispositor Venus is still debilitated in Virgo so that undermines it a bit.

Saturn   5/10

The Saturn-Uranus alignment makes this influence mixed at best.

Transit Alignments  12/20

Venus-Jupiter-Neptune vs Sun-Mars.  The rematch. The Moon pumps it up in the morning perhaps but the afternoon looks worse.

NYSE Natal Alignments  10/20

Mercury-Jupiter to the Ascendant may well be the main driver behind these all-time highs, at least in the terms of the NYSE chart.  The Ketu-Rahu aspect is undermining it, as is the Mars-Sun-Saturn-Neptune alignment.


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