Bank crisis in Cyprus shakes markets; Eurozone back in spotlight

(24 March 2013)  Stocks showed more signs of weakening last week as the banking crisis in the tiny island nation of Cyprus emerged as the latest threat to the Eurozone.   US stocks slipped early in the week but largely recovered by Friday as the Dow closed unchanged at 14,512.  Indian markets had a tougher time as the RBI announcement of a cautious 25 point rate cut disappointed investors.  The Sensex fell more than 3% closing at 18,735. 

This outcome was in keeping with expectations as we noted the likely bearish influence of the early week Mercury-Mars aspect.   The late week rebound after Wednesday's reassurances from Ben Bernanke for more easy money was also in keeping with expectations as Friday's Mars-Uranus conjunction coincided with enthusiastic buying.  The ongoing slump in Mumbai throughout the week was somewhat more attributable to specific alignments within the BSE horoscope.

The latest EU banking crisis in Cyprus has financial markets on edge all over the world.  If an acceptable bailout package is not found, it could destabilize European banks as depositors may decide to withdraw their money rather than be hit with a tax as happened suddenly in Cyprus.  Even if the current bailout plan is implemented, it is unclear what will happen in the days and weeks to come.  If Cypriots begin to withdraw savings from the banks out of a fear of more deposit taxes or simply out of spite, it could spark another round of uncertainty in financial markets.

The latest crisis in the ongoing EU drama is plausibly reflected by the position of the planets with respect to the Euro horoscope, dated 1 January 1999 at midnight.  For several months, I have been warning about the possibility of significant trouble in Europe in early 2013 due to the simultaneous aspects from transiting Pluto and Saturn to the natal Sun in the Euro chart.  Pluto has been conjunct the Sun for many months now while Saturn is currently forming a close sextile/3rd house aspect to the Sun.  The combined energies of these two malefic planets have again undermined confidence (Sun) in the Euro and have resurrected long-simmering questions about the viability of the Eurozone. 

Based on my reading of the key astrological influences, I think the crisis in the Eurozone will get much worse between now and 2016.   The most intense period of the crisis will probably be in 2015 and 2016 and will probably involve a fundamental recasting of the whole Eurozone.  A break-up is possible with weaker members removed and one cannot rule even out complete dissolution.  More immediately, we can see how the natal Mars in the Euro will be activated by transiting Mars, Venus and Sun in early April.  These are a series of tense-looking transits and is likely to coincide with more difficulties which could again cause some tremors in financial markets. 

This week the planets actually looks somewhat positive.  Thursday's Sun-Venus-Uranus conjunction is quite a bullish trio, and given the close alignment of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto, there is good reason to expect some upside this week.  The early week is perhaps more of a question mark given the aspect from Mars to Saturn on Monday.

Transits for Thursday 28 March 2013 9.00 a.m. Mumbai, India


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