Past Predictions 2004 - 2008

Is prediction possible using astrology? Skepticism is an invaluable resource when considering the prospect of knowing the future. Some predictions are mere lucky guesses, especially when incorrect predictions are omitted from the equation. Political elections involving two candidates are usually 50-50 propositions -- no better than a coin toss. With those caveats in mind, here are a sampling of some correct past predictions I have made in public forums and can be verified by accessing Yahoogroups sites. While I have made many correct predictions for individuals, I have selected these news-related predictions because they involve events which are widely known.

Global Stock Market Meltdown

Recently I have been focusing much of my energies on financial astrology.  In early 2008, I had a sense that the markets were heading lower.  On June 26, 2008 on the Market Jyotish Yahoo Group, I sensed that the bear market was for real and we were only a few months away from a serious decline, although I noted November as the most likely time to watch:

We are likely to see a steep decline in stocks in November and December
as Saturn stations opposite Uranus. This is a difficult configuration
in mundane affairs, but since Saturn will station on the natal 2nd house
Mars in the NYSE chart, there is good reason to think it may have a
directly negative effect on the market. Assuming we see new lows set in
July around 10,500-11,000 on the Dow, any rallies after that into the
Fall may get the market back as high as 12,000-12,500. I think I'm
being generous there, but it is possible. This is the classic pattern of
a bear market rally where significant gains of 20% or more can occur in
a few months. The key point here is that the highs are not as high as
the previous ones. The market then loses faith and starts a new leg
down towards a new lower low. This is what is likely to occur in
November and December. I would not be surprised to see the Dow go down to 8500-9000 at that time.

On Sunday September 14, just before the Lehman Bros. collapse that sent the markets over the edge, I made this post on the Market Jyotish Group that made specific mention of the coming weeks as being critical:

This week looks negative overall as Monday and Tuesday's gloomy
sentiment will likely override any offsetting gains later in the week.
The Sun moves into Virgo late Tuesday, so that may generate a little
positive energy as it leaves the company of Saturn in Leo and joins
somewhat more auspicious company of Venus, Mars and Mercury in Virgo.
But by week's end, Venus moves into Libra thus leaving Mercury to fend
for itself against Mars. Friday, therefore, could see another decline.
The Sun is applying to square Pluto by Friday and over the weekend,
while transiting Mars is moving closer to oppose the natal Moon in the
NYSE chart so that's another reason to exercise caution this week.
Wednesday and Thursday look like the best chance for gains this week.
Nonetheless, there's a real possibility the market could end up below
11,000 here. This retesting on the downside is preparation for a
substantial decline in late September or more likely the first week of
October that will take the market decisively under 10,000.

In my weekly forecast posted on Sunday September 21, I continued to focus on the October period as critical for the bear market:

Despite the astonishing recovery in the markets, my fundamental
prediction for lower prices in the near term has not changed. This week
looks mostly negative as the Sun-Pluto square perfects on Monday
suggesting the possibility of a down day. Tuesday may see a bounce but
we may end up testing 11,000 and 1200 at some point this week. Mars
will conjoin the slowing Mercury on Tuesday and Mercury will turn
retrograde on Wednesday so that is unlikely to help matters. A 2-3%
decline is possible there, probably on Wednesday. I think Friday looks
negative also, however and the following Monday the 29th looks even
worse, so that could be another a new significant move down below 10,500
and 1150. We may see a 5% decline on Monday the 29th. This is going
to get ugly very quickly. By mid-October, we could be below 9000 on the
Dow. So what I'm predicting here is something akin to a crash. I'm not
certain there will be a single, one day capitulation but perhaps instead
a series of smaller drops. However, October 6-10 does look worse than
most other time windows here, so if a crash occurs, it would most likely
be then. One can't help but paraphrase the Prince song, 'we're going to
party like it's 1929...'

I made the same prediction for an imminent decline for Indian stock markets in my September 22 column in Mumbai's Daily News and Analysis newspaper and noted the dates of October 9-10 as particularly negative.  These dates coincided with the steepest declines for the stock market in the Fall of 2008.

The declines early next week will be below current levels as the investment mood will darken once again.  Impressive as this relief rally has been, I don't believe it will last. It will only delay the inevitable. I am still predicting a major move down in the first two weeks of October that takes the Nifty down to 3500 and the Sensex to perhaps 12,000.  The period around October 9-10 looks particularly prone to decline and may produce losses of 5-10%. The market will likely make new lows through December and January.  In sum, it looks like this bear market will get much worse before it gets better. This market decline is ushering in a severe global recession that will last for at least a year or two.


Gold hits $800 November 2007

With the sustained decline of the US dollar, global economic uncertainty, and continued growth in gold-buying countries of India and China, gold shot through the $800/oz mark in October. It has since fallen back a bit from it's peak of $840. This is in keeping with my short and long-term forecasts which assert that gold should experience a period of consolidation and lower prices from Nov 07 to Jan 08 before moving higher once again.

Earlier in the Fall, I forecast this rise in terms of magnitude and timing. Here's what I wrote on the mundane-astrology Yahoo group on Sept 21:


I believe gold is likely going to continue higher until November when
Uranus stations and Jupiter moves deeper into the 11th house away. $800
is not unreasonable as a target. There will likely be a retracement as
we get into December and January, perhaps back to under $700, although
that's very much a guess. The nodes will cross the ascendant at this
time, so look for price volatility mostly on the down side. Towards
late January, I think the bull run will resume as Jupiter applies to the
Sun-Mercury-Venus in Sagittarius. This looks very positive for gold.
In May, Jupiter will station just a degree short of natal Venus, so that
might be the window for another price top. I can't say at this point if
it will exceed the highs set this Fall, but it looks to be a substantial
price rise.


Thai Coup September 2006

On September 19, 2006 the military deposed Thailand's controversial PM Thaksin Shinawatra in a bloodless coup.

I had foreseen political instability for Thailand although I originally predicted that the changes would begin in November. On May 23 2006 on the mundane-astrology yahoogroup, I wrote that upheaval wasn't far off and that a "wholesale change" was likely, although I was off somewhat in my timing.

Here's what I wrote back in May 2006:

Combine those first order afflictions with some long term destabilizing transits such as stationing Uranus squaring natal Mars and transit Rahu applying to Venus, and you have the recipe for some protracted political impasse. The upcoming Mars subperiod which starts in November 2006 looks more conducive to the open conflict required to complete wholesale change. Mars is very afflicted in the D10 chart representing leaders and government. Most likely the opposing sides in the dispute will come to blows in 2007. The most precipitous time appears to be June to September 2007 and will feature major upheavals in society in Thailand that will remake the fundamental terrain of Thai politics.

I believe the coup was the first stage in a longer restructuring of Thai politics. I am sticking with my prediction that 2007 will bring more instability and fundamental change.


Gold price rise pushes past $600 April 2006

On March 29, I wrote in my blog that the gold price would see sharp increase around April 3/4 and then again on 18th. At the time, gold stood at $560. I also predicted a more general increase in the price in that time period. Here's what I wrote in my blog (

The price of gold once again passed $560 this week. Although it fell back $5 Tuesday, the previous two trading days had yielded a nice $15 rise. The Mercury station was a key player here since it came to a full stop exactly conjoined with natal Jupiter in the Gold options chart. With Uranus there for extra oomph and Venus applying to the ascendant, this chart showed substantial gains. As Venus comes closer to the 4 Aquarius ascendant (Lahiri), we should see more upward price movement. If this 10.00 am chart is correct, then the best days should be next Monday and Tuesday, the 3rd and 4th of April. This will be an important verification of the 10.00 am chart. If there is no significant rise at that time, then we would have to reconsider the 9.45 am chart once again. Another probably price rise -- irrespective of chart times and ascendants -- will be in the days leading up to and including April 18, when Venus conjoins Jupiter in the presence of Uranus.

Both short term predictions came true almost to the day. On April 3, gold went up $8. This was likely due to transiting Venus conjoining the ascendant of the gold options chart. On April 17, gold jumped $18 to $618 as Venus moved into conjunction with transit Uranus and natal Jupiter.

Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin resigns April 2006

Amidst widespread accusations of corruption and self-serving authoritarian rule, Thailand's controversial PM finally gave in to protests and public pressure and resigned on April 4.

I had foreseen an event of this magnitude for many months, dating back as early as October 2005. Although I didn't specify Thaksin's resignation as the most likely scenario until January 2006, it was clear to me that Thailand would be caught in the grip of widespread agitation. This was in fact the case as mass protests took place in Bangkok for several weeks leading up to the resignation.

Here's what I wrote on October 1 2005 on the mundane-astrology yahoogroup:

Saturn will also station exactly opposite the 10th house Pluto in November suggesting very difficult problems with leadership. This could be a public scandal or it may be a retiring of a prominent government leader due to ill health. This next few months will be very difficult for the nation as a whole, since the Saturn station will be close to the 4th house Moon, representing the population. The chart is running Jp-Mo dasha. Saturn will station again even closer to this Moon next April ie. 2006] while Rahu aspects it simultaneously. This will be another extremely difficult time for Thailand.

Then I developed my ideas further on December 1, 2005 no the mundane-astrology group, acknowledging that leadership problems did occur in November as predicted:

Popular protests against the Thaksin government have emerged in November as the PM retreats from public view out of fear of bad transits (yes, he is reported to have really said that). As I mentioned last month, this is likely because of the Saturn station opposed natal Pluto in the 10th house, indicating stress and opposition to government. I think this will probably slacken for a while until Saturn stations again. This time, however, it will be very close to natal Moon and squaring the natal Sun. Thailand will certainly be in the news by February. It seems the masses of the population are afflicted this time, and hence this may represent agitation against the government. Shock and sadness will be felt throughout the country. The situation will become most intense and yield its eventual results in March or April.



Conservatives win 2006 Canadian election

On January 23, 2006, the Conservative Party under Stephen Harper defeated the incumbent Liberals under Paul Martin. Although the the Conservatives only gained a minority government in which they require the votes of members from other parties to pass bills in Parliament), this brought to an end 13 years of Liberal rule in Canada.

had predicted the defeat of the Martin Liberals even when they were 5 points ahead of the Conservatives in the polls in the early days following the election call. Here's what I wrote on December 1 on the mundane-astrology mailing list on yahoogroups soon after the election was called:

The Liberal government of Paul Martin has fallen in a vote of non-confidence and an election has been called for January 23rd. This political instability is seen through the transit of Uranus to the 10th lord Jupiter. Uranus also trines the natal Sun which is natural karaka for government. It looks like it will be a very nasty campaign as transit Saturn approaches to conjoin Mercury.Look for some official complaints and lawsuits to be launched regarding advertising and campaign-related material. At this point, I think the Liberals are likely to lose the election with the Conservatives under Stephen Harper winning more seats. They are unlikely to form a majority government and so the instability in Canadian politics is likely to continue at least until spring when Uranus again retrogrades to Jupiter and forces another game of musical chairs in the House of Commons.

The Liberals did lose, the Conservatives formed a minority government, and the campaign was very nasty as the Liberal attack ads were widely condemned as being beyond the pale.

The instability is likely until at least the fall actually when retrograde Uranus again conjoins Jupiter in the Canada horoscope.


Hurricane Katrina August 2005

As the full scale of destruction from this disaster becomes evident, it is clear that Katrina has fulfilled the very negative configuration I spotted in the US charts some months ago. It is the worst natural disaster in US history, after perhaps the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. The number of dead is now estimated in the thousands, and insurance losses may exceed the $40 billion paid out after 9/11 making this the most costly single loss in world history.

I cannot claim to have predicted this event, but I was certain that a destructive event would hit the USA this year. Originally I predicted the spring as the most likely time window. When that didn't happen, I maintained my belief that the charts were deeply troubled and that there would be no escape from the karma shown in the horoscope. Even my July Update and World Forecast saw me insist on the imminence of disaster, most likely a terror attack although I wasn't sure what it would be. Finally, with the coming of Katrina on August 29th, my August Update (see below) could claim some semblance of resolution. Here's what I wrote on the mundane-astrology yahoogroup and my blog:

While I've been crying wolf for some months now about the likelihood of a major destructive event hitting the USA, we are now entering another highly dangerous period for a possible terror attach in August. This is another timing window that would allow the long term factors that have been in place for 4 months or more to kick in and play out their karma. A closer look at the relevant US charts is reviving my innate pessimism regarding the violence and hardship of the coming days. Tr Mars will square the near stationary Mercury that is right on top of the US Rahu using any July 4th chart you wish. That, combined with tr Saturn on the equal 8th cusp of the Kelleher chart, and the Mars aspect to Bush's lagna/Mercury/Pluto, is a bit too affliction for any horoscope to handle without some loss of life. Some kind of sudden destructive event is very likely in the next couple weeks, especially from Aug 12 -17th. To cement the deal, Cheney's chart puts that Tr Saturn on the equal 12th house cusp and Tr Mars spot on the 9th house Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Clearly, this will be an event that makes international headlines and disrupts normal life.

So clearly nothing to be too proud about in terms of predictive accuracy, but at least the event has happened and the karma has been burned off. While I couldn't nail the exact date (sometimes reality is a stubborn creature!), I still feel heartened by the efficacy of the raw materials of the analysis, that is, the horoscopes themselves. Before the next big event, I can hopefully improve my interpretive abilities to read the short term factors.


London Bombing July 2005

Well all that violent negative energy I had predicted to unfold in July has perhaps manifested in the July 7th bombings in London, although I confess I am confused that it hasn't hit the US at all despite the various afflictions to the US chart. One possible explanation is that the US has become much more fearful and has stepped up security on its transportation systems in reaction to the UK attacks.

One thing is for sure -- the UK is afflicted at this time, and I'm kicking myself for not having spotted it. I would also look at the Jan 1, 1801 chart for the UK when it officially became the United Kingdom.

By Vedic reckoning, the 1801 chart has some obvious afflictions for today: a nodal return so that Ketu was conjunct Ketu in the 1st house, and transit Mars -- lord of the 3rd house of transport -- was exactly conjunct natal Rahu. Nodes are usually bad news, especially when configured with malefics.

On the Political Astrology list, I had thought that this time around July 5th would feature some significant destructive event, albeit in the US. Here's what I posted there on June 2nd. I also took a position against many astrologers there who were predicting Bush's assassination:

Certainly there are a lot of afflictions to the USA chart on July 5th. It's possible that something fairly major will go down that day (+/-1 day) I don't think Bush is going to cop it at that time, although I don't know enough about the astrology of assassination to rule out some sort of an attempt. My sense is it's more likely to be something that affects the country as a whole rather than Bush personally. His Saturn-Jupiter dasha period just doesn't seem afflicted enough for him to die.

In last month's Update, I specifically mentioned transportation systems as a likely focus of the July event:

With Mercury involved, it is likely that transport and communication networks will be effected. However, there is some significant chance that the government, either its offices or its personnel will also come under threat. President Bush's chart is afflicted as well and this is what one would expect in a major threat to the nation. In his chart, transit Ketu conjoins his first house lord Moon suggesting unexpected events involving the self. Since the President is the embodiment of the nation, afflictions to his first house are often synonomous with problems in the country itself. Some have wondered if this will be an attack on Bush himself. I don't see that. Certainly, he will be stressed and troubled by the events of July, but I don't see harm coming to him personally.

So while this UK bombing cannot be considered a predictive "hit", I did manage to be quite close in the timing (2 days off from an exact prediction made 35 days prior) and fairly close in the area affected (transportation), although I had thought the US would come under direct fire. At the time of this posting (July 10th), no further attacks have occurred.


Destruction of Tsunami foreseen in 2004 New Year's Day chart

The destruction and horror of this South Asian tsumani disaster has fulfilled the promise of the New Year's Day 2004 chart.

As I wrote in the 2004 Annual Issue (January 2004) of Express Star Teller magazine, there was a very rare and ominous configuration in that New Year's Day chart for the world: Saturn opposed Sun and squared Mars all within one degree. To make matters worse, this t-square was within a few degrees of being angular. In the Sri Lanka New Year's Day chart, for example, it was less than one degree from angularity.

Just for the record, here's what I wrote in my brief "Mundane Predictions for 2004" article last year:

This year as a whole looks more violent and frustrating than usual around the world, owing to a difficult configuration at midnight on New Year's Day. While there will be minor national variations in this chart, every country's New Year's chart will feature Saturn exactly aspecting both Sun and Mars, by 7th house and 10th house aspect respectively, within one degree in both cases. This suggests that simmering global hotspots will once again flare up or wars may erupt. Hardship for the significations governed by the Sun and Mars is also indicated including: governments and government officials, government buildings, royalty, natural destruction from fires and volcanoes, military personnel, athletes, and factories, etc.

Admittedly, this was a very general sort of forecast long on vague possibilities and short on specifics. There is no claim to a correct tsunami prediction here. However, what is noteworthy is that I did foresee the outline of the destructiveness of a world event in 2004 as we have just seen in this tsunami disaster. In that sense, the unusually malefic pattern in the 2004 New Year's chart did accurately foretell of the death and destruction.


Typhoon and Earthquake in Japan October 2004

On October 16, I posted a prediction on the mundane-astrology yahoogroups mailing list indicating that Japan would likely fall victim to a significant natural disaster in October or early November. The most likely dates were October 21 and November 7 (see below). As it turned out, Japan was hit with two natural disasters. On October 20, the strongest typhoon in 20 years hit the southern part of the country and killed over 70 people while leaving thousands homeless. Three days later, on October 23, a powerful earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale hit the northern island and killed over 100 people and caused billions of dollars in damage. Here is the original post:

May 2004

An important test of the correct Japan chart is upcoming with the approaching Saturn station at 3 Cancer. The May 3 1947 00.00 chart has 3Cp rising so that station ought to cause some significant problems in the country if it is correct or useable. The competing chart (Apr 28 1952 10.30 pm) has less difficulties at this time. Presumably an uneventful November would force an astrologer to pay closer attention to the 1952 chart.The Saturn station is the most obvious measurement, but there are others as well. Uranus and the Sun are combined in tertiary progressions, and the Oct 13 lunar return has Mars conj Moon, and Rahu and Neptune angular. This is not a happy LR. The chart is currently running Saturn-Moon, thus underlining the effect of Saturn's aspect at this time. 9H Moon is tightly conjoined Neptune so this might create problems and deception especially overseas. Moon is also tightly aspected by Pluto which can produce more grievous situations marked by coercive power. A terror attack is one interpretation here. Given natal 4H Mercury 3 Aries will also be aspected by this Saturn, there are a range of possiblities. I think some kind of significant natural disaster like an earthquake may be more likely in the coming weeks. Mercury also rules the 6H/9H so some hardship to and suffering of Japan's foreign interests/workers/armed forces may be possible. Mercury's rulership over transportation and communication facilities adds yet another string of possiblities.
Key dates to watch are:
- Oct 21 when Mars opposes its natal postion
- Nov 7 when Mars squares the Asc and Mercury conjoins Ketu. This is the date I favour.

Toronto Blue Jays fire manager 2004

On August 8 2004, the Toronto blue Jays baseball team fired manager Carlos Tosca halfway through a disappointing season. This confirms a prediction I made on my website back in early May on the What's New page:

May 2004

Finally, my favourite baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays (Apr 4 1977 1.50 pm EST) are off to a bad start this year. The Cancer rising chart is running Ketu-Mercury dasha and both are placed in the 10th house of fame. There are no clear transit influences that would explain a poor April for the team, but I do note that by tertiary progression, Mercury is retrograde and conjunct malefic natal Ketu. This is a very difficult configuration. There has been much talk of firing manager Carlos Tosca as well. The chart strongly suggests that his days as the blue Jay skipper may be numbered. Transiting Saturn will aspect both Venus and Sun (which represents the manager) in July, while transiting Ketu aspects 10th lord Mercury around the same time. Overall, this looks like a rough first half of the season which hopefully should improve once Tosca is gone and Saturn has moved off those key planets.

I had reiterated that prediction more recently on the Astrology of Sports mailing list on Yahoo groups ( on July 18 2004. At that time, I predicted that Tosca would be fired at the end of July. While I was wrong about the short term timing, the longer term influences did finally play themselves out according to my expectations:

Just an update on my baseball Blue Jays. The "season from hell" continues as they've lost their last 6 games for a cumulative record of 39-53. Pretty poor since they were expected to be above .500 and then some.I had made a prediction way back in April that manager Carlos Tosca would be fired sometime in June or July. Well, today transit Saturn exactly squares natal Sun 24Pisces while transit Rahu is fast approaching 10th house Mercury 13Aries. This is a fair astrological picture for what the Jays radio announcer called "hitting rock bottom" for the team after tonight's disappointing 7-5 loss. So both long term transit afflictions are in place. The only question now is: when will the axe fall? I think the firing is most likely to occur when 10L Mars comes to the ascendant by transit. This occurs in the last week of July. At that time, transit Sun(representing the manager) will be approaching natal Saturn 16Cancer. Transit Sun will also be parallel natal Saturn. So look for it to happen then, around Jul 27-28. Let's see how it all unfolds.


Tampa Bay Lightning win Stanley Cup 2004

On June 8, 2004, the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Calgary Flames to win the the NHL hockey championship and the Stanley Cup. Before the best of seven game final series started, I predicted their Lightning (also known as the "Bolts") would win in an May 24 email to the Astrology of Sports mailing list on Yahoo groups (

Many thanks for the Bolts data. After a brief look at their vedic chart, I'd say they're more likely to win. The all important D10 chart will have Mars and Saturn passing through the first house. These wouldn't be good news normally but Saturn occupies the 10th house anyway and Mars is 11th ruler.There are some nice patterns in the tertiary progressions as well. A 3-way parallel involving Venus Jupiter and Moon. Also, the tertiary progressed angles are hitting natal Jupiter within one degree applying. Jupiter is in the 6th house of competition conjunct the subperiod lord Sun. All in all, a great chart if you're involved in sports. Right now, well worth a sawbuck.

Martha Stewart Found Guilty 2004

Shortly after Martha Stewart was first indicted, I predicted that she would be found guilty in March 2004. While I missed the date by two weeks, I got the rest of the prediction correct. Here is my email from July 3, 2003 to the StarStudy mailing list on yahoogroups:

To: <>
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2003 5:40 PM
Subject: Re: [StarStudy] Martha's Woes

From the vedic side, I would say she will suffer some punishment around March 20 2004. She will be running Rahu-Venus-Saturn dasha sequence at that time and natal 8th lord Saturn will be conjuncted by tr Mars. This is the most likely time that the decision will come down against her. At the same time, the nodes will be straddling her 1/7 axis within a degree with natural malefic Ketu /south node on the Asc. And at the same time, 12L of prisons and loss tr Mercury will be exactly conjunct natal Mars in the 6th house. Mars is significator of imprisonment and is in Pisces, the 12th sign. I can't say right now if she'll do hard time or merely get off with a fine. Will look at it some more. Certainly there is the possibility of confinement in her natal chart. 12th lord from Mars, Saturn is afflicted by Rahu and Uranus and in the evil 8th house and 12th lord from Saturn, Mars is afflicted widely by Ketu and in Pisces and in another negative house, the 6th.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Elected October 2003

Soon after Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy in early August 2003, I predicted he would win the California gubernatorial recall election on October 7, 2003. Here is the link to my article in the September issue of the Express Star Teller magazine which explained this prediction. Below is a brief excerpt from the article which was sent August 20, 2003 and while Schwarzenegger was still trailing in the polls. It was published in the October issue which came out September 15th:

In the recall election on October 7 2003 in California, I believe Schwartzenegger will win. He is running Rahu-Venus dasha on election day. While Rahu is placed in the 12th house, it is important to recall that it is conjunct 11th lord of gains Mars. Since Rahu is a shadowy, sponge-like planet, it absorbs whatever influences it. Thus, it is stamped with the influence of the 11th house of gains. Rahu's dispositor Venus is well-placed in the 2nd house of status and wealth, conjunct the Sun, karaka of status. While Venus may be considered combust at 9° orb, it is not close and therefore the weakening effect is minimal. Also, Venus is located very close to Mercury and the 1st house, making it potentially stronger than it otherwise would be. Bhuktie lord Venus, as just mentioned, is quite well placed and is in a nakshatra owned by 10th lord Jupiter, very strongly placed in the trikona 5th house.

Admittedly, it's not a particulary brilliant prediction since I had about a 50-50 chance of getting it right, but it nonetheless underscores my commitment to doing predictive work and where possible putting it out in the public domain.


SARS in Canada May 2003

While I did not predict the initial outbreak of SARS in Canada, I did have a strong sense that it would continue to be a health problem after its most intense period in April. Here's what I posted to the sidereal astrology list on April 24, 2003 after the WHO issued a travel ban to Toronto:

The irony is that the actual number of new cases is steadily declining in Toronto now to only 2 or 3 per day, down from 15 a day three weeks ago. As Tr Saturn moves closer to the natal 4H Moon one would expect further problems, although it might be that these are mostly fear-based like the degree of economy activity rather than health-based like the number of deaths. Nonetheless, I would expect more health related problems on May 10th when Tr 6L Sun 25Ar opposes natal Saturn and is in a trine aspect to natal 6H Rahu.

In actual fact, a new outbreak of SARS emerged on May 24, a full two weeks after I had predicted. So that's a case of 'close, but no cigar'. I was correct, however, in believing that SARS would still be problem after April and that much of the problem would be fear-based with its consequent economic damage to the tourism industry in Toronto.


Vancouver wins 2010 Winter Olympic bid

On July 2, 2003, Vancouver was awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics. The day before, I had predicted that Vancouver would win the bid on three different astrology mailing lists.

The IOC decides who they will give the 2010 games to tomorrow. I'm guessing that Vancouver will get the nod due to the strength in the relevant charts. Most agree that it's neck and neck between Salzburg, Austria and Vancouver. If you use Canada's midnight chart (Jul 1 1867 00.00 LMT Ottawa) you can see that Tr Jupiter 24Cancer is exactly trining the Asc 24Pisces this week and tomorrow the Tr Moon 20Cancer will be conjunct the Tr Jupiter and hence trining the Asc as well. A sweet combination. In the City of Vancouver chart (Apr 6 1886 10.00 am), Tr Jupiter is trining natal Sun 24Pisces. In the Canada chart, different rates of progressions broadly support a favourable outcome, eg. minor progressed Moon is exactly opposed by MP Jupiter; tertiary progressed Moon falls exactly on the equal 10th house cusp at 24Sg. While I haven't looked at the Salzburg chart, I'd be very surprised if Vancouver didn't get the nod.


Conan O'Brien Kerfuffle in Toronto 2004

In February 2004, the Conan O'Brien television show came to Toronto for a week of tapings in an effort to boost Toronto's tourist profile in the US. At that time, I could see that there were problems likely on Feb 11 in Toronto and I made a light-hearted prediction wondering if they might be related to the show, as I wrote on the sidereal mailing list at yahoogroups on Feb 8:

This week will be a good test of the new Toronto megacity chart (Jan 1 1998 00.00 EST). While the city incorporated back in 1834, it reincorporated and amalgated with several surrounding boroughs and municipalities. This week, Tr 8L Mars will conjoin the equal 8th house cusp while Tr 12L Sun will conjoin natal 4L Jupiter. At the same time, Tr Venus will conjoin the 7th cusp. Looks like it could be some bad news of loss related to females or tourists, most likely on Feb 11. Maybe the NBC Conan O'Brien show will be a bust. Or some harm with come to females (the abducted child Cecilia Zhang?).

As it turned out, the show taped a skit aired on Feb 12 which was filmed in Quebec in which they mocked and made fun of Quebeckers and French people in general. Since there is still sensitivity in some quarters about Quebec separatism, this exploded into a major scandal. The Conan show was denounced as racist and offensive on the floor of the House of Commons in Ottawa. The tourist angle was especially interesting since the show was essentially a guest or tourist in the city since it had been invited by several government agencies to tape there in an effort to boost tourism in the wake of the SARS outbreak in 2003.