Midterm elections: the beginning of the end of Trump?

(4 November 2018) So is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?  The United States goes to the polls on Tuesday, November 6 for its midterm elections for the House of Representatives and Senate.  The elections are widely seen as a referendum on the controversial presidency of Donald Trump who has taken the US sharply to the right in his first two years in office.  Polls show the Democrats are likely to win control of the House of Representatives but will fall short of winning back the Senate.

If the GOP holds on to the House and Senate, then it would greatly strengthen Trump's hand and likely give him the momentum to extend his mandate towards more authoritarian policies in his re-making of America into a post-liberal society.  If the GOP loses even just the House, then the Democrats are likely to prevent him from getting much done for the second half of his term.  They will also launch more investigations into his affairs and will likely try to impeach him. 

In previous posts, I suggested that Trump's Republican party was likely to do poorly in the midterms.  His clear horoscope affliction during the fall of 2018 made a loss in the midterms more likely.  Trump's dasha period is the first clue that his luck is changing for the worse.  He will begin his Saturn minor period around November 19 according to the Krishnamurti ayanamsha after having ended his more positive Jupiter minor dasha period.  In addition to Saturn's more negative connotations, Trump's Saturn is poorly placed in the first degree of Cancer in the 12th house, albeit with benefic Venus.

The 12th house symbolizes loss, isolation and imprisonment -- and spiritual enlightenment and charitable work it must also be said -- so that is not the kind of dasha one would want around the time of an election.  It's true that the Saturn period begins a bit after this week's election but it does suggest that the fallout from his past deeds are much more likely to do damage to him after Nov 19.  The Saturn minor dasha period runs until June 2021 and is likely to highlight a time of greater difficulty for him.  A career decline and humiliation are more likely for Trump during this Jupiter-Saturn period.

His transits don't look very good on Tuesday.  Saturn itself is in a close opposition to his 11th house Mercury.  The 11th house represents gains and wins but the closer Saturn gets to its opposition (it is exact in mid-December) the less likely Trump can carry the day.  On the other hand, Jupiter will be sitting on his equal 4th house cusp in Scorpio, and fairly close to his IC. Typically, these kinds of angular Jupiter alignments bring good news.  However, the 4th house isn't associated with wins or gains but instead with security and emotions.  It's possible that the Jupiter influence may signify the GOP holding onto the Senate thus preventing his impeachment.  We should also note that the 4th house also has a darker side as it is a house that correlates with "the end of the matter".

Transiting Rahu (5 Cancer) is conjunct his 12th house cusp which is usually bad news given Rahu's disruptive potential and the 12th house's connection with losses and sorrows.  Mars (0 Aquarius) is square the MC (not good) and Venus (2 Libra) is about to station square the Venus-Saturn conjunction (also not good). I would also make special mention of next week's Mars transit exactly opposite his natal Mars and the Ascendant.  Given that Rahu and Uranus are already aligning with his Ascendant, the transiting Mars alignment of Nov 11-17 suggests significant conflict and frustration for Trump.  My guess is this will be  the result of his loss of the House as the negative implications to his political future become clearer. 

Trump's chart looks like his Republicans will lose on Tuesday.  And that is the safe position anyway given the polls look pretty solid for the Democrats.  Probably that means the House rather than the Senate, although there is no clear way for me to distinguish those two bodies in terms of astrological interpretation. 

By contrast, let's look at the horoscope of former Vice-President Joe Biden, a Democrat who polls show is the frontrunner for the 2020 nomination.  If the Democrats do well on Tuesday, then his chart should likely also be in good shape.  He has Scorpio rising and thus that transiting Jupiter is in his 1st house -- just about the best place it can be for happiness and success.  And since Biden was born with the Sun and Venus rising in the 1st house, the Jupiter transit gives him a triple boost as it impacts the Ascendant and those two planets.   It's really quite excellent. The positive Jupiter influence stands largely undiluted as Biden has no significant afflictions from malefic planets.

Biden's star should be rising in November as transiting Rahu conjoins his Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th house and aspects his Sun and Venus.  Rahu can be a difficult influence if it is in a bad place in the chart, as it is with Trump.  However, Biden was born with Rahu in the 10th house of career, status and public profile  Therefore, that high profile influence will come to Jupiter, Sun and Venus via the Rahu influence.  It seems likely that Biden will assume a greater role within the Democratic party as Trump is put on the defensive after the midterm elections.

With these kinds of alignments, I don't see how the GOP can win the House.  So the midterms may well mark the beginning of the end of Trump.