The NYSE turns 226: the outlook for the year ahead

(23 May 2018) The New York Stock Exchange turned 226 last week as the venerable capitalist institution remains the predominant stock market in the world.  The NYSE was founded on May 17, 1792 around 10.10 a.m., although the exact time is a matter of some conjecture.  As we know, the birthday represents a special symbolic significance for the year ahead as the Sun returns to its position at the time of its "birth" or founding.  The resulting Solar Return chart can therefore provide important clues for what will transpire over the subsequent 12 months.  A strong chart where benefics Venus and Jupiter are prominent will often foretell of prosperity.  A more difficult chart where Mars and Saturn are highlighted can represent disappointment and obstacles.

The Solar Return chart for the NYSE this year actually occurred on May 21st, since that was the day that the Sun returned to its natal position at 6 Taurus 25.  This four-day lag from its birthday is due to the precession of the equinoxes which gradually shifts the positions the planets relative to the fixed stars.  So what does the Solar Return chart reveal? Will stocks be higher or lower by this time next May? 

The chart is actually quite mixed.  There are strongly positive AND strongly negative patterns.  This suggests that stocks will likely be volatile and will experience both strong rallies and significant corrections over the next twelve months.  The Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune alignment is very bullish and suggests that rallies will be sizable.  The fact that it lines up closely with the Ascendant is another reason why stocks could move higher overall. 

If there were an absence of negative configurations in the chart, then I would think stocks would generally rise into 2019.  However, Mars squares Uranus (just one degree past exact) and also aligns with the Saturn-Neptune opposition in the natal chart.  It furthermore also picks up the MC/IC within two or three degrees.  This is a strongly negative pattern that should translate into some significant downside this year.

Also, Saturn (14 Sagittarius) and Rahu (14 Cancer) both align with natal Venus (14 Aries) exactly.  While neither Saturn nor Rahu cast a full strength aspect to Venus, the closeness of the alignment suggest periodic difficulties realizing happiness and value (Venus).  But while there are two negative alignments, we should note that neither one involves the natal Sun or Moon which are more fundamental influences on the chart as a whole.  If the Sun and Moon are unafflicted as is the case here, then markets are less likely to undergo a new bear market.  Corrections are still possible, especially given the negative alignments, but they are less likely to offset periods of positive trends.

Overall, there may be enough positive energy in the chart to suggest at least a relative flat year in terms of performance, perhaps with a very modest bullish bias.  But the mixed indications make this a very ambiguous call, at least in terms of this Solar Return chart. 

Weekly Market Forecast

Stocks have generally gone sideways over the past week or so.  In keeping with last week's market forecast, the previous week was somewhat bearish as President Trump's attempt to negotiate a better trade agreement with China has yet to yield any results.  I thought we might have seen more of a pullback, especially from last week's alignment of Mercury, Saturn and Rahu. But US stocks have proven to be quite resilient thus far and seem poised to break out higher fairly soon. 

I think the approaching Full Moon next Tuesday could hint at some skittishness since it aligns with the Saturn-Rahu pattern quite closely.  More immediately, tomorrow's (Thursday) alignment of the Moon-Saturn-Rahu looks bearish and should generate some downside which could even manifest into Friday.  Next week may see improving sentiment as Venus moves into alignment with bullish Jupiter and idealistic Neptune.  This Grand Trine alignment is exact on June 1st.  While we could see some big moves in both directions next week, the upside prospects seem fairly good from an astrological perspective.

Simplified Planetary Transits for May 21 - June 1

Mon/21   Mercury-180-Jupiter-120-Neptune          +2

Tue/22     Mercury-180-Jupiter-120-Neptune          +2
                 Moon-120-Saturn-150-Rahu                  -1

Wed/23   Sun-120-Mars                                          -1
Thu/24     Sun-120-Mars                                         -1
                 Moon-90-Venus-180-Saturn                   -2 

Fri/25      Mercury-120-Pluto                                   -1   

Mon/28   (US closed) Sun-150-Saturn-150-Rahu    -2

Tue/29    Full Moon: Sun-180-Moon-Saturn            -1

Wed/30  Venus-120-Jupiter-120-Neptune              +2

Thu/31    Venus-120-Jupiter-120-Neptune             +2
                Moon-0-Saturn-30-Mars-0-Ketu              -2

Fri/1        Venus-120-Jupiter-120-Neptune              +2

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