Global stocks fall over renewed Europe concerns; Jupiter's swansong?

(10 February 2013)  Stocks were mixed last week as positive economic data coming out of China was offset by renewed European worries and the possible return of Berlusconi to Italian politics.  In New York, the Dow lost just a handful of points closing at 13,992.  Indian stocks fared worse, however, as GDP data came in below expectations.  The Sensex lost 2% and finished the week at 19,484.   The mixed outcome here was not surprising as I noted some difficult aspects in play on Monday (Mars-Neptune) and Friday (Mercury-Mars).  The midweek was somewhat less bullish than I might have hoped, however, as the Venus-Jupiter aspect produced only nominal gains

While US Stocks held up rather well last week, there are cracks forming in the recent rally across many global markets.   Could this be the beginning of a correction or merely a bump in the road on the way to higher prices?  As I have suggested previously, Jupiter may be on the verge of weakening here as it forms its closest angle with Uranus this week.  The Jupiter-Uranus combination is usually quite bullish but now it is at its maximum potential energy.  That means that further optimism may be in shorter supply going forward.   Saturn may already be asserting itself as the planet of bearish pessimism prepares to turn retrograde on the 18th.   It is moving very slowly already and last week's negativity is a possible symptom of Saturn's greater influence.   This influence is not evenly distributed across all markets, however, as individual charts still have an important role.

For example, the German DAX horoscope is becoming more afflicted these days from the Saturn station and its aspect with Pluto.   Like the Indian market, German stocks also suffered last week as renewed uncertainty about the upcoming Italian election and the scandal in Spain hit equities hard.  A quick look at this chart reveals the potential trouble spots.  Jupiter is strong in the 11th house but it is not closely aspecting any planet.  This would appear to reduce the possible upside here.  Pluto opposes the natal Sun in this chart while Saturn is about to station in a very close 120 degree aspect to the Sun.  
Both are slow moving aspects so this is a potentially damaging affliction.   As an added wild card, we can see that transiting Ketu is in the 10th house and close to the cusp of that house at 25 degrees.   These are medium term afflictions that will likely inhibit the ability of the German market to rally in the weeks to come.  The presence of this strong Saturn aspect alongside the Pluto and Ketu placements also increases the possibility of some kind of negative move in February and beyond. 

This week looks like there is a lot of Saturn in the picture and hence the bias is to the downside.  Venus is in aspect with Saturn on Monday, while Mercury moves into position on Tuesday and then Mars on Friday.  To be sure, the high number of simultaneous aspects in play is in itself a bullish indication.  However, Saturn is very strong at the moment, and I would tend to think that there may be some fallout from this succession of interactions with Saturn.   We shall see.  All of these short term aspects of Sun, Mercury, Venus  are now past their exact point with Jupiter and hence any further upside may be somewhat less likely.


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