Financial Astrology Outlook for Monday, 20 August 2018


The Financial Astrology Index (FAI) has a theoretical range between 0 (all bearish) to 100 (all bullish).  Most of time, it should move between 20 and 80.  Readings above 60 should be considered bullish, while readings below 40 are bearish.  Readings between 40 and 60 are neutral. 

It may be read in a similar way to technical indicators such as the RSI and Stochastics which show overbought and oversold conditions in the market. A number above 80 is very bullish and suggests a strong up trend.  In some situations (e.g. near resistance, in a bearish market), this may also indicate a heightened risk of a reversal lower.  The trend in the FAI is at least as important as the actual value in terms of understanding possible future price patterns. 

As always, it is not intended as a substitute for established stock market technical indicators.  If anything, it is intended to stand alongside them and should be treated as an additional source of information -- just another tool in the investor's toolkit.  Fair warning: this is still very much a work-in-progress.  I will likely be tweaking the relative weights of the different factors down the road. 

By way of disclaimer, let me state the obvious: do not use this index as a stand-alone method for investing.  There are simply too many unknowns in astrology.  Astrology is best used as a supplementary source of information in tandem with other technical and fundamental approaches.  This is not to be taken as investment advice.  For informational purposes only.

Market Outlook for Monday, 20 August 2018


Stocks were generally higher in the US on Friday on the promise of trade talks with China.  I had been generally bullish about the morning Moon-Jupiter-Neptune alignment although I was uncertain if gains would hold by the close.  This outcome conformed with the Financial Astrology Index as it is still above 60 and hence in the bullish zone.  This suggests that the up trend was likely to continue, even if it does not preclude small or brief declines.

Monday, 20 August looks less positive.  The Moon has further weakened by virtue of its approach to its Full Moon phase.  It also moves into an approximate alignment with the Sun and Mars in the afternoon which is not helpful for sentiment.  Even its morning placement in a state of debilitation in late Scorpio is not a plus either.  The larger apparent problem is that the Sun receives the most malefic aspect of Mars.  This is within range on Monday and Tuesday but Monday definitely suffers somewhat from this aspect.  On the positive side, Jupiter benefits from the approaching alignment with Venus and Neptune so that could mitigate any negative sentiment. 

The bottom line is there is a greater risk of a negative day on Monday.  The bullish Venus influence means there is still a chance for some upside although I would say it's less than probable.

Financial Astrology Index

  Total                                    1 day ago      1 week ago
 49-52  (trending lower)         68-74              75


Moon: 12-15/30

The Moon has entered its more volatile Full Moon phase and it aligns with Mars later in the day.

Sun    3/10 

The Mars aspect weighs heavily. 

Jupiter   9/10

Venus offers good support to Jupiter over several days this week.  It may not translate directly into significant gains however.

Saturn 5/10

The Uranus alignment is still a negative that looms over the market.  But it still could be several weeks away before the energy is manifested.

Transit Alignments  10/20

The bearish Sun-Mars aspect deserves to be counted twice because it is so close.  The same goes for the Venus-Jupiter alignment for the bullish side.

NYSE Natal Alignments   10/20
The Sun-Mars aspect may activate the natal Sun-Mercury conjunction.  This is a negative influence which could undermine the positive Mercury-Jupiter alignment with the Ascendant.