Financial Astrology Index for Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Total             Trend                   1 day ago             1 week ago   
  43          down/neutral                  38                        52


US stocks inched a bit higher on Tuesday 28th August on hopes for a quick NAFTA trade deal with Mexico and Canada.  While the market was less frothy than Monday, the positive result was surprising given the relatively low index score of 38.  The Full Moon phase has yet to deliver its bearish goods, perhaps due to the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune alignment.

Wednesday's index is 43 which is actually a bit higher than Tuesday's although the trend is lower than a week ago and below 50.   Therefore, the downside risk is still a bit higher than normal.  I have likely underestimated the bullish effect of the Jupiter-Neptune aspect over the past week but it will give way pretty soon, especially with bearish Saturn-Uranus waiting in the wings for September.



Moon:   8/30

The Moon is still relative Full and is in a closer 6/8 relationship with the Sun tomorrow.  These are two bearish influences.  Also the Moon will be transiting the Revati nakshatra tomorrow, which is ruled by Mercury.  Mercury is in the 12th house from the Sun, so that increases downside risk a bit more. 

Sun:  5/10

The Sun is still aligned with Rahu, albeit less tightly.  Still this is not a confident placement.

Jupiter:  7/10

Still bullish due to the alignment with Jupiter and its placement in the 3rd house from the Sun.

Saturn   3/10

Saturn's alignment with Mercury is ongoing for a second day. 

Transit Alignments   10/20

Some lingering effects of the Jupiter-Neptune aspect may be keeping this above water.  Also there are no close short term negative alignments tomorrow.

NYSE Natal Alignments   10/20

While Mercury is moving on, the Jupiter-Neptune is still close to its alignment with the Ascendant. Again, this has been an unexpectedly strongly bullish influence in August.  Mars is moving forward now, however, so it will again align with the Saturn-Neptune opposition in the coming days. 

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Background and disclaimer

The Financial Astrology Index (FAI) has a theoretical range between 0 (all bearish) to 100 (all bullish).  Most of time, it should move between 20 and 80.  Readings above 60 should be considered bullish, while readings below 40 are bearish.  Readings between 40 and 60 are neutral. 

It may be read in a similar way to technical indicators such as the RSI and Stochastics which show overbought and oversold conditions in the market. A number above 80 is very bullish and suggests a strong up trend.  In some situations (e.g. near resistance, in a bearish market), this may also indicate a heightened risk of a reversal lower.  The trend in the FAI is at least as important as the actual value in terms of understanding possible future price patterns. 

As always, it is not intended as a substitute for established stock market technical indicators.  If anything, it is intended to stand alongside them and should be treated as an additional source of information -- just another tool in the investor's toolkit.  Fair warning: this is still experimental and more of a work-in-progress.  I will likely be tweaking the relative weights of the different factors as I go.  

By way of disclaimer, let me state the obvious: do not use this index as a stand-alone method for investing.  There are simply too many unknowns in astrology.  Astrology is best used as a supplementary source of information in tandem with other technical and fundamental approaches.  This is not to be taken as investment advice.  For informational purposes only.