Time is running out on Boris' Brexit

(14 October 2019) The tension is mounting as the UK is set to leave the European Union on Oct 31 with or without a deal.  Negotiations are intensifying in recent days as the EU is due to meet on Thursday and Friday to render a decision about any possible last-minute deals.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to extend the deadline past Oct 31 and has asserted that he would leave without a deal if necessary.  Huge anti-Brexit protests are due this weekend as the country remains deeply divided on the whole Brexit question. 

In a previous post, I thought Boris Johnson would eventually be successful in his drive to take the UK out of the EU by Oct 31.  However, I didn't quite anticipate the level of difficulty he would have up to now as his various tactical strategies have failed.  His desire for a snap election was thwarted because of lack of support in the Commons and his proroguing of Parliament was also struck down by the Supreme Court.

That said, the current political impasse is not that surprising given the level of affliction in the UK national chart.  Transiting Ketu and Saturn are still just one degree away from the Sun indicating severe stress and frustrating situations involving government and leaders.  Both Ketu and Saturn are past their exact conjunctions with the Sun so there is some possibility that the conflict could begin to diminish in coming days. 

I would note that more problems are likely during the upcoming conjunction of Mars to the Ascendant (16 Virgo) at the end of this week.  This coincides with the EU summit where a decision will be made about any prospective Brexit deal.   The Mars transit suggests higher levels of conflict although it is open to interpretation about how it may manifest.  Most simply, it could mean the EU rejects the deal -- a more likely scenario in my view.  But it could also reflect rising anger in the UK itself about an agreement for a deal, given the intensity of feelings on both sides.  Perhaps the deal will be unsatisfactory in some essential way.  Parliament is due to meet in a special sitting the day after on Oct 19 to debate and vote on any deal that has been struck.  The Mars-Ascendant influence is likely to make that a very contentious sitting of the Commons.  Well, no surprise there.

No matter how rancorous Parliament is, I do think the stars favour Boris Johnson.  Jupiter will be conjunct the UK's 10th house ruler Mercury (26 Scorpio) (government, 'good news') in mid to late October.  Interestingly, Johnson's Mercury (26 Taurus) is exactly opposite the UK's Mercury and means that Jupiter will align with his Mercury also.  That makes it more likely for him getting his way.  But Johnson also has basically the same mid-Virgo Ascendant as the UK -- just one degree away -- and that is one reason why he is so popular despite his often questionable tactics.  That means the Mars influence will hit him too and guarantees a very divisive and angry few days between Oct 17-22 for him personally.

As I posted previously, I think Brexit is going to happen on Oct 31 -- with or without a deal.  That's because the planets look very tense on that day with respect to the UK horoscope.  If there was going to be another 90-day extension it would more likely happen in the days leading up to Oct 31.  That would make Oct 31 pass uneventfully.  But the planets suggest the deadline is likely to pass with some importance. 

Mercury turns retrograde on Oct 31 and is square the UK Saturn (2 Leo).  That suggests some major confusion and misunderstandings -- probably related to the circumstances of Brexit.  And since Mercury is the planet of commerce, it suggests a negative stock market reaction to whatever happens in and around Oct 31. Transiting Mars will be conjunct the natal Ketu indicating anger and possible disorder.

Regardless of how messy or bitter Brexit is, I do think the next few months look fairly good for PM Boris Johnson.  With an election very likely in the coming months, he is in good position to win. 

Weekly Market Forecast

Stocks have generally risen in the past week on renewed hopes for a US-China trade deal.  While the prospective 'phase one 'deal looks fairly minimal and over-hyped, most global markets rose amid the greater spirit of co-operation, if nothing else. While US markets fell early last week, they recovered later and have begun this week mixed.  This outcome was not surprising as I thought last week's Sun-Saturn square would likely correlate with some downside -- probably in the first half of the week.  While stocks overall were perhaps more bullish than expected, the late week gain fit nicely with the bullish Sun-Jupiter-Pluto alignment on Friday.

This week looks mixed with some possible downside tomorrow (Tuesday) and perhaps for another day, with Thursday looking like a plausible candidate.  The key is that the Moon aligns with Saturn and Ketu tomorrow which can produce uncertainty and anxiety which isn't good for stocks.  Thursday's Moon-Mars alignment often brings a rise in tension although it is perhaps not quite as negative.  We shall see.  Friday again looks more bullish as Venus aligns with Rahu (North Lunar Node).  Beneath it all is the Jupiter-Pluto alignment which could support prices.

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