Superbad's Michael Cera

The 20-year star of this summer's movie hit Superbad is known for his unassuming and quietly comic manner that he first crafted in the cult TV series Arrested Development. Born in Canada, Michael's career in Hollywood has followed an upward trajectory and shows no signs of slowing down. After co-starring in in the funny and touching teenage coming of age Superbad, his new movie Juno also received rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Although we don't have a birth time for him, even his Chandra lagna chart gives a hint of the success that he has enjoyed in 2007. Since his Moon is at the end of Aquarius, we can't be certain what his Moon sign is. I don't like to infer personality based on Moon, so I have chosen to just go with Aquarius because it seems to fit the rulership patterns in his chart. His 10th lord Mars is placed in the 1st house with Moon and Rahu denoting fame and high status. 1st lord Saturn is nicely placed in the 11th house of gains along with Uranus and Neptune. Both of these outer planets should be seen as magnifiers and enhancers of the self and income. They also may describe something of the character of the self -- unconventional (Uranus) and perhaps hard to know or fleeting (Neptune). A magnificent yoga is formed by the exact conjunction of 5th lord Mercury and 9th lord Venus in the 5th house. Michael has a lot of luck on his side. Moreover, both these planets are aspected by Saturn and Uranus. Although Saturn is a natural malefic, it is also 1st lord and therefore acts as a conduit for these Mercury-Venus energies to be funnelled to the self. Saturn's influence on these planets also hints as something of Michael's style -- reserved, understated, under control. Uranus' effect introduces a quirkiness to the whole person. The Saturn influence is reinforced by the presence of Moon, Rahu and Mars in Saturn's sign of Aquarius.

Michael Cera June 7, 1988 12.00 pm Brampton, CanadaMichael Cera June 7, 1988 12.00 pm Brampton, Canada

If we use the Sun to calculate the Vimshottari dasha, we can see that he is running the Rahu period. Rahu is appropriately placed in the 1st house of self and fame conjunct the Moon and Mars, the 10th lord. All combinations of factors that involve the 1st and 10th houses enhance status. Rahu's dispositor Saturn is well-placed in the 11th of gains with Uranus aspected by Mercury and Venus, both natural benefics and both ruling the most favourable kona houses the 5th and 9th. Michael has been running Venus sub-period since 2006 (it will continue until 2009). As we can see, Venus is a good planet for him, since it is tightly conjunct Mercury. It's true that Saturn's aspect isn't all good, but Mercury's influence will be stronger than Saturn's because it is much closer to Venus. It's worth nothing also that Michael began the Rahu-Mercury dasha in 2003 just as he was starting to appear in Arrested Development. This was his first big break and reflected the fact that Mercury was very powerfully enhanced by Venus's conjunction.