US Elections 2004: Station to Station

Predicting the outcome of elections is a fairly thankless job. With or without astrology, you've got about a 50-50 chance of getting it right, enough chance to look foolish if you're wrong and enough to be called lucky by skeptics or detractors if you're right. That said, I've been looking at the charts of the respective candidates again and find myself still convinced that Bush will win it all on November 2 -- or at least take the oath on January 20. This confirms my position stated last year that Bush would win reelection although I am providing a more systematic analysis here for the first time.

The Power of Saturn: The Re-election of George W. Bush

[Here is an article I wrote for Express Star Teller in early September 2004 where I correctly predicted the outcome of the US election using conventional Vedic reasoning. It was published in the November issue which came out in mid-October.]

On November 2, Americans will go to the polls and re-elect President Bush. Perhaps it is fitting that an adminstration that has sowed such discord domestically and internationally should be returned to office by the power of the Great Malefic, Saturn. As apparently paradoxical as it first seems, Saturn is the planetary energy that Bush has successfully harnessed in his rise to power. While benefic Jupiter does play a role his November drama, it will be as a bit part.

Asian Tsunami: Mars and Saturn Cross The Ecliptic

The following article appeared in the February/March 2005 issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

[Author's Note: I am indebted to Ashland, Oregon-based astrologer, Steven Stuckey, for first bringing the concept of ecliptic crossings (or parallels) to my attention.]

At the time of the tsunami on December 26, 2004, there was one interesting alignment in the sky that has gone largely unnoticed: Both Mars and Saturn were very close to crossing the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the flat plane of the solar system and marks the vertical position of the Sun with respect to the orbiting planets. Unlike declination, which is an Earth-centered vertical measurement as seen from the equator, latitudes measure the vertical distance of planets from the Sun-based ecliptic. The position of the Sun, therefore, is 0 degrees of latitude. Most of the planets stay within a few degrees of this 0° line.

Katrina and the Sun Neptune Conjunction

[Author's Note: The following article appeared in the December 2005 edition of The Mountain Astrologer magazine.]

One interesting and novel way to see the Katrina disaster is to examine the chart of the Sun-Neptune conjunction. This is a mundane technique that reduces the need to consult national horoscope for predicting major events since it involves only transiting planets. This is especially helpful when considering matters in the US where the "correct" US chart remains an intractable issue of debate that divides astrologers into longstanding warring factions.